Facilitating a client going on holiday can be incredibly rewarding but the planning process is essential in order to ensure the trip goes smoothly. Issues may still arise so there is also a significant need to be aware of what these may be and to have an appropriate contingency plan.

This informative face-to-face training day will incorporate practical suggestions and considerations alongside some of the real challenges that may arise supporting our clients to go abroad. We will consider both paediatric and adult clients and apply the experience to both unsettled litigation cases and those with a deputy in place.

BABICM Competencies Covered :

Standard 2 Strategy

Standard 3 Coordination and management

Standard 4 Monitoring

Standard 5 Duty of Care


Carole Chantler

Medical Relationship Manager at Carole Chantler Ltd

Amy Chater

Partner at Leigh Day

James Glasper

Partner at Leigh Day

Paula Hansen

Director of World Accessible Holidays

Emma Henty

Senior Case Manager at North Star Case Management Ltd

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There are 2 doors to the venue, one on Portland Street and one on Minshull Street. Either can be used but the one on Minshull Street will be the most direct to the conference room

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